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Intellectual Property

E3Project, Inc. and Overwatch Safety Solutions, LLC (‘E3/Overwatch’*) are the exclusive owners of all intellectual property (IP) relating to ChurchSake™, and all derivative products and services.  E3/Overwatch reserves all rights to the IP referenced herein relating to their use on/for the company’s business, products, or services within the following areas, fields, industries or disciplines:

  1. Safety, Security and Related Products and Services
  2. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Safety and Security
  3. Personal, Commercial and/or Institutional Safety and Security
  4. Wearable, and/or Attachable, and/or Mobile Safety and Security

This Intellectual Property includes, but is not limited to, the following specific and generally-descriptive trademarks, copyrights, and other related IP:

  • ChurchSake, ChurchSafe, TempleSake, TempleSafe, MosqueSake, MosqueSafe, FaithSake, FaithSafe, WorshipSake, WorshipSafe, PastorSake, PastorSafe, PriestSake, PriestSafe, LinkSake, LinkSafe, LinkSake, LinkSafe or other such descriptive words, terms or phrases in relation to safety and/or security and houses of worship and/or their congregants.
  • Any such above with or without capitalization or space between proper words (i.e. ChurchSake or Church Sake or church sake).
  • Any of the above whether or not commonly-used mark indicators (TM, SM, ®, etc.) are present.
  • The use of “sake” replacing, implying, or inferring safe, safety, secure, or security, whether or not relating to houses of worship and/or their congregants.
  • E3 or E3Project when used in relation to the above-referenced areas of safety and/or security.
  • Overwatch, Overwatch Safety Solutions, Overwatch Safety, Overwatch Security Solutions, Overwatch Security and any other such use of Overwatch in relation to the above-referenced areas of safety and/or security#.
  • Any use or reference of similar or dissimilar words, terms or phrases that could cause a likelihood of confusion with the products and/or services of E3/Overwatch.
  • Any tones, jingles or other sounds that are used in conjunction with the above.
  • “Church Safety…In Your Hands”, “Temple Safety…In Your Hands”, or any other such use of “safety” and/or “security” and “hands” and/or relating to any other religion or type of house of worship.
  • Any resultant patents that may result from the products developed by E3/Overwatch and/or their employees or contractors.

* The use, sharing, or licensing of the herein-referenced IP by and between E3Project, Inc. and Overwatch Safety Solutions, LLC is covered under a separate agreement between the parties.

This specifically excludes the use of Overwatch in relation to electronic gaming or military/defense systems, both of which are trademarked by other parties in these uses.  Overwatch Safety Solutions is not related to nor affiliated with these parties.